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InstaDeep / BioNTech

I am a senior research engineer from BioAI department at InstaDeep (now part of BioNTech), currently managing multiple R&D teams for bioinformatics projects.

What's new?

We have two papers accepted at NeurIPS 2023 Machine Learning in Structural Biology Workshop!

  • LightMHC: A Light Model for pMHC Structure Prediction with Graph Neural Networks (paper, code).
  • FrameDiPT: SE(3) Diffusion Model for Protein Structure Inpainting (paper, code).

University College London

I am a PhD student and honorary research assistant from medical physics and biomedical engineering department at UCL, under the supervision of Yipeng Hu.

What's new?

My latest paper A Recycling Training Strategy for Medical Image Segmentation with Diffusion Denoising Models has been published in machine learning for biomedical imaging journal (MELBA) and the JAX/FLAX-based code base is available at GitHub!